Hot Spots

Everyone knows them: the little corners in the house where there’s always something lying around and chaos reigns. We name them “hot spots.” They are nothing more than a certain place that always tends to accumulate items and where things are often put down for the time being. To banish these annoying spots from our daily lives for good, here are a few simple tips

There are simply a few places in the home that seem to have a certain magical attraction for things. They just tend to become mess traps more often than other places. Probably the most typical place is dressers in the entryway. This is where everything from car keys to letters to self-painted pictures of the children collects. But also on the dining table there are often piles of mail and magazines. But the best known is and remains probably “the chair” for clothes. But the stairs are also a popular place to quickly put things that need to go upstairs , for example. Most of the time you think “I don’t have time for that right now” or “I’ll put that away later”. But often the problem is that as soon as one place is full, you just move on to another place and put things there, and suddenly the whole apartment is littered with “hot spots”. Unfortunately, this quickly leaves an untidy overall impression and no one really wants that.

With these 5 tips you can finally get rid of your hot spots:

  1. Identify all hot spots
    First, you need to get an overview of exactly where those spots are that often become hot spots. It is also important to check this from time to time, because new hot spots can always form.
  2. Clean up all the hot spots once.
    The best way to do this is with the help of garbage bags or large boxes. All things are placed into the bags and then placed in a collection point. This can be, for example, the basement, garage or utility room.
  3. Define fixed places
    Each bag should now be looked through individually to see what kind of things are collected in the hot spots. Then it is important to find a fixed place for each item, e.g. a fixed tray for all keys, a holder for all letters and paperwork or just a specific place on a certain shelf or drawer. Some things don’t need a fixed place at all and are not needed at all? All the better.
  4. Always put things away directly
    Now consistency is needed. To avoid creating new chaos and hot spots, you should rigorously stick to not putting anything away “just for a moment” so that you can put it away later. Because then everything starts all over again. Whether the item is put down here or directly in its place does not really save time. Tip: Do things that can be done in under a minute right away!
  5. Decorate former hot spot
    In addition, to avoid the re-formation of hot spots, you can use the space for a decorative, valuable item such as a picture frame, vase or small piece of art.

Then you’re ready to go! To the order, ready, go! 🙂