Profile and history


Rotho is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of household goods. We reached this position thanks to our consistent orientation towards customers’ needs, along with the knowhow built up by our committed staff over many years. Since 1889, Rotho has reacted flexibly to changing market conditions and customer requirements, becoming the most popular supplier in the sector.


Making life easier and better: Since 1889, customers have appreciated the high-quality commodities from Robert Thoma & Co. - and back then they were still made of wood. Since 1986, Rotho Kunststoff AG in Switzerland has been creating a wide range of unique, user-friendly products for the kitchen, home and office. Over time, the materials may have been further developed, but we still hold true to our high quality standards.

2016 - Founding the Rotho Sp. z. o. o

Rotho Sp. z o.o. is as new company with a modern site for a further international expansion of the Rotho Group.

2015 - Founding the Aalta

AALTA specializes in the production of medical waste containers, working closely with healthcare professionals.

2011 - Consolidating the German marketing activities

Görwihl in the Black Forest will become the headquarters for all marketing activities in and for Germany.

2010 - Founding the Rothopro

The Rotho Professional GmbH was founded by Pablo Kaplan and Winfried Köbel. It specialises in professional waste systems for the HoReKa area.

2007 - Founding the RAS

The Rotho Advanced Solutions AG specialises in international major contracts, promotion business and customised designs for industrial clients.

2007 - The most state-of-the-art logistics centre

The new logistics centre possesses a highly automated commissioning plant and a fully automated pallet warehouse.

2005 - Production is expanding

Due to the international success of the company, the production in Würenlingen was already expanded to include an additional module back in 2005.

1995 - A completely new factory is born

Construction of a completely new factory in Würenlingen, Switzerland, and the concentration of all the activities at this new site.

1993 - Winfried Köbel becomes CEO

Winfried Köbel becomes CEO of the Rotho Group and makes the company an international success.

1990 - Renaming to Rotho Kunststoff AG

Renaming of Rotho-Fixit Kunststoffwerke to Rotho Kunststoff AG.

1985 - Founding of Rotho Babydesign

Acquisition and development of the baby products area, founding of the Rotho Babydesign GmbH in St. Blasien, Germany.

1981 - Rotho enters Switzerland

Purchase of the Fixit AG and founding of the Rotho-Fixit Kunststoffwerke in Neuenhof, Switzerland. Ro and Tho stand for the first letters of the founding father, Robert Thoma.

1955 - Our oldest product

A plastic vegetable slicer with steel blade has been developed and today is the oldest and also virtually unchanged product in the Rotho range.

1950 - Succession of generations

Transfer of the company to the three sons Edwin, Franz and Walter Thoma, who guided Rotho into the 1980s.

1950 - Launch of plastics processing

Start of plastics processing in Bernau and St. Blasien: With its 15 employees, Robert Thomas & Co. switch from producing wooden drawers for office furniture to manufacturing plastic ones.

1925 - An industrial company is born ...

Robert Thoma junior (1901-1962) takes over the running of his father´s company and develops it into a small, industrial wood workshop.

1889 - The founding year

Robert Thoma invested in its own power generator, using which it can develop a small production line of small items of furniture, slicers etc. made of wood: Robert Thoma & Co. is founded.

1864 - The founder: Robert Thoma

Robert Thoma, the founder of Rotho, was born in Bernau and went on to take over his father´s carpentry workshop.

1820 - How it all began ...

Adam Thoma is a master carpenter in the traditional «Holzschneflerdorf» Bernau in the Black Forest and owns a small workshop.