An organized bathroom for a good start to the day

Is organization only important in the kitchen? No, of course not. Even early in the morning after getting up, order can save time and nerves, namely in the bathroom. To get off to a good start every morning, it’s worth paying attention to good organization in the bathroom, too. When every thing has its place, it’s much easier to be efficient, but also to be in a good mood.

Tidying up your bathroom works similarly to any room and can be broken down into 4 steps:

1.Reset everything to zero

When you really want to tidy things up, it usually gets messier first. Because first, you should take out all the items from your cabinet or drawer to get an overview of your possessions. You can take this opportunity to sort out cosmetics that have expired or that you no longer need. Then sort the items by category, such as makeup, perfume, shower and cleaning products, or hair products

2.Clean the inside of the furniture

Now that all the drawers and cabinets are empty, it’s the perfect time to give everything a good clean and remove dust.

3.Check the expiration dates of your cosmetics

If you haven’t already taken care of it while sorting out, now is the last chance to sort out old expired cosmetics. You can tell how long a cosmetic will last by the small symbol in the shape of a can – usually on the back of the packaging.

 4.Organize a place for each category of cosmetics and accessories

Now it’s time to follow one of the basic rules of order: Each item has its own place. So, sort all the categories that you have previously determined into appropriate boxes, which you can then place neatly in the drawers or in the closet. By the way, just like in the kitchen, Loft Premium boxes are great for organizing your bathroom, as they come in different sizes and heights to accommodate everything from bottles to earplugs.

Have fun tidying up!