Christmas Checklist

Christmas; a magical time of the year for some, but for others, one of the most stressful! In order to enjoy this festive time, it is necessary to consider some points prior to the Christmas period. 

The shopping malls have been decorated for days, but it doesn’t really feel like Christmas yet. So, take that time to think about things in advance, so that your time around Christmas can be relaxed. Christmas comes around every year quicker than we can blink – be ready, so it can’t surprise you this time!

Here, I have collated a few important points so that you don’t forget anything, and your pre-Christmas period is guaranteed to be stress-free.

What you should consider in the few weeks before Christmas:

  • Create a gift list (example columns: What? For whom? Price? Where? To purchase from?)
  • Sending Christmas mail abroad so that it arrives in time
  • Get Christmas decorations
  • Check light chains 
  • Get Christmas planning. Who will you celebrate with this year?
  • Make time for fun baking, that’s how you can look forward to the party and get into the Christmas spirit. 
  • Be organised with travel tickets – set aside your desired travel dates!
  • Have a clear-out and donate some toys 
  • Order your Christmas Calendar
  • Purchase an advent wreath, or maybe try crafting one yourself! 
  • Order personalized Christmas gifts (photobooks etc.) in time for them to be made and delivered before Christmas

What you should do throughout December:

  • Get Santa Claus surprises
  • Buy gifts
  • Check tree stand, get a fire extinguisher if necessary
  • Christmas tree buying and cleaning up
  • Putting up Christmas decorations
  • Buy wrapping paper and Christmas cards
  • Send out domestic Christmas mail
  • Bake cookies
  • Wrap gifts – make sure to remember batteries for children’s gifts
  • Planning Christmas outfits
  • Donate and do general good

If you stay at home:

  • Plan a Christmas menu – create a checklist for this
  • Check culinary supplies (flour, sugar, spices, alcohol, etc.)
  • plan food for the holidays
  • Create shopping lists – don’t forget the pets!
  • Create Christmas playlists for Christmas Eve and the rest of the holidays.
  • Check if there are enough glasses/plates for the guests
  • Bulk buy food and beverages (must be ordered in advance!)
  • Possibly cleaning and preparing beds for guests
  • Fill up the car
  • Set the table
  • Precook if necessary
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Basic cleaning of the apartment/house
  • Put gifts under the Christmas tree!


Enjoy the pre-Christmas season, treat yourself to a quiet moment with a warm cup of tea; often this is when you will think of the best gifts! You could also read a Christmassy book or put on a festive film. Celebrate your personal Christmas traditions and if you cannot spend these days with your loved ones due to COVID-19, you can get creative… Why not enjoy a virtual Christmas concert with other people simultaneously, and catch up afterwards? Make a virtual date for baking cookies and do a cookie swap with the other person(s). This sort of solidarity is more important than ever, especially at this during these times.

And last but not least: Enjoy the holidays!