Cleaning up made easy – 7 steps to a tidy home

Coming home after a busy day, putting your feet up and just relaxing – if it weren’t for the mess that has accumulated over the last few days. It’s impossible to switch off properly in the chaos and at the end of the week the inevitable happens: you waste half the weekend cleaning up! So that this doesn’t happen anymore, and you can finally enjoy your free time, we have 7 steps for you that make cleaning up easier.

1.Sorting out is half the battle

One of the most important tips first: what you don’t own, you don’t have to put away. The first thing to do is to sort it all out. Everything that is not used or damaged is thrown away, sold or given away. You can also use this opportunity to re-sort your possessions by category and optimise your organisation system a little.

2.Every object has a home

Are you constantly looking for objects, don’t know where to put your stuff and your cupboards seem to be bursting at the seams? Then maybe you haven’t found the right organisation system yet. This is the most important rule for order: every object has its home. If you know where each item belongs and put it back there after each use, disorder won’t ever arise. Sorting things out again immediately becomes a habit, of course. However, the fact that each item has its own place helps you to tidy up later.

3.Not so much at once

If you take on so much that you lose your motivation in the middle of it all and still achieve nothing, you should try cleaning up in small steps so that you don’t have to face another huge mountain of tasks in your already stressful everyday life. If you organise step by step, you will always have small successes that will motivate you further. A good tip that intensifies this effect is to clear up the areas where progress can be seen most quickly. This could be the floor, for example. A free, tidy floor immediately brings order to the room, even if there is still chaos elsewhere.

4.Making cleaning up part of everyday life

Tidying up the apartment does not always have to be the big cleaning job that takes place once a week. Even in everyday life you can get used to activities that happen at some point completely subconsciously. If you put the objects away immediately after use, disorder does not even arise. What you might have to force yourself to do at the beginning, will become a habit over time. If it doesn’t work so well with the immediate removal, this trick might be helpful for you: every time you go from one room to another, you pick up things that need cleaning. This way you divide the tedious cleaning up into small steps.

You need to take a little more time to clean up, don’t you? Then listen to some mood-enhancing music, an audio book or an interesting podcast to make the boring activity a little more exciting- you’ll see how quickly time suddenly flies so that cleaning up is only half as bad.

5.Write cleaning up in the calendar

We use our calendar to remind us of commitments. So why not tidying up? Consciously take time to clean up so that it becomes part of your daily routine. Choose a time of day when you can spare some time and have enough energy – excuses won’t easily get in the way of cleaning up the mess. It is of course up to you whether you take ten minutes in the morning before leaving your apartment to clean up or during the commercial break of your TV program in the evening. The main thing is to find the moment when the barrier to motivating you to clean up is at its lowest.

6. Cleaning up together is divided suffering

Who says you have to clean up alone? If you live with your partner, family or roommates, you can clean up together. And maybe you even make a competition out of it: Whoever manages to tidy up the respective room faster will get a prize. So, cleaning up is more motivating, isn’t it?

7.After work comes pleasure

Honestly, for most people cleaning up is anything but a pleasure, even if we feel much more comfortable in a tidy home. That’s why you should definitely reward yourself when you finally defeat all the chaos. A reward can be an activity you enjoy or a small wish you make come true! It’s best to decide on this before you start cleaning up: a light at the end of the tunnel. Who knows? Maybe our tips will make cleaning so easy that the order at the end is reward enough!

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