After a long winter, it’s even nicer to feel the warmth of the sun and know that now spring is not far away. Finally warmer temperatures and more light during the day. All the better if the garden can now be made spring-ready. What all needs to be done to enjoy spring in its full glory in the garden?

Remove protective covers from furniture

There are few things more liberating to say goodbye to winter than removing all the protective covers that have encased and thus protected your garden furniture or decorative objects during the winter months. Get rid of all that, free your table, chairs, as well as other elements and in turn enjoy the sight of them. Now clean the protective covers and store them in dry condition in lockable boxes. COMPACT boxes are very suitable for this purpose.

Removing winter protection from plants

If plants or even smaller trees have received winter protection against cold and frost, these can now be removed. Here, too, the protective covers must be cleaned and stored for the next cold season, preferably in lockable boxes.


Now it is time to thoroughly wipe down everything, from the garden table, chairs, to the bench, so that everything can now be used.

Parasols and awnings

Since soon the temperatures will rise, stored sunshades can be brought out. Umbrellas and awnings should be cleaned if necessary.

Garden tools and equipment 

The garden hose can now be put to use again and brought out, as well as any other associated gardening tools. Check to see if all tools are still intact or ready for use. If so, be happy about it. If not, repair or replace the missing pieces. Sharpen and maintain your tools. This will make your gardening a lot easier.

Get the kids’ toys out and check them.

Finally, the kids can play in the garden again, so now is the time to get out all the kids’ toys. Take this opportunity to check if everything is still intact. If you feel that the toy is no longer being used by your child, it can be donated or given away. If the item is defective, it can be disposed of. Transparent boxes can be used to store toys by category (balls, water toys, sand toys, etc.).

Sandbox and co.

The sand of the sandbox can be refilled as needed. Also, if available, the trampoline can be put back up if it was taken down over the winter. For this, pay attention to all safety and warning instructions of the manufacturer. If there is a children’s garden shed, the spider webs in it should be removed. Swings and the like should be cleaned accordingly. Here, it is important to note whether the equipment has survived the winter well and safety is still ensured.

Unpack and check the barbecue

Has the barbecue put away the winter well? Then off to the next use. To make sure that this is also a pleasure, make sure that there is enough coal or gas. Are the grill tools (grill tongs, grills, etc.) all intact or does something need to be replaced? 

Clean your terrace

The patio should be swept and then damp cleaned. A patio made of wood planks may need to be repainted.

Get out the chair covers

Finally, the chair pads can be brought out to enjoy the garden with a cup of coffee or tea in the spring temperatures.

Pull weeds and take care of plants

Take care of your plants. Those that have been stored in covered areas over the winter can now be moved back out into the garden. Take the opportunity to pull the weeds and make sure that all plants have survived the winter well and that no bugs have taken up residence.

With the stackable COMPACT boxes in different sizes you can perfectly store your garden utensils. No matter whether large, bulky things, such as seat cushions and fertilizer or small things, such as toys and garden gloves. The sturdy storage boxes are transparent, which is why you can immediately see what’s inside. They can be closed with the help of clips, so they are perfect for storing things. To make good use of the available space, the boxes can be stacked on top of each other. These can also be labeled, use for example a wipeable pen or adhesive labels.

Now it’s time to welcome spring. You may want to celebrate the new season with family and friends by grilling stick bread and sausages, all rejoicing that spring is now here.

Have fun in the garden!