Let’s bring organization joy to a tiny suspended cupboard pantry
Don’t you just love an organized pantry? There is something pleasant and satisfying about neatly arranged products. While an organized pantry is easy on the eye, the most important aspect is in fact efficiency; when organization meets beauty.

Save space and time with organizing
You’ve probably already heard that kitchen space is expensive real estate, especially when you have a small one. For this project, I had to take the approach of organizing products in a cascade fashion. This allows us to see everything we have or need for our daily masterchef meals, while optimizing space.

Having everything visible allows you to avoid waste. Since no product is now hidden below stacks of other goods you can now use them before the dreaded expiration date. Please keep track of the expiration date! A chalk pen or a permanent marker to write the expiration date on the bottom of containers or a labeler to create tiny labels to stick beneath them is all you need.

Organized pantries are huge money savers when you can easily keep track of what you have and products don’t go to waste. There is no more guessing whether or not you have that ingredient SOMEWHERE in the kitchen. By having everything visible in a pantry you avoid buying the same products twice.

Ultimately an organized pantry saves time and energy because you spend less time rummaging and shoving products around to find what you need. Our goal at Homganize is to help people reach a place of peace and tranquility and we truly believe that you can achieve this through organization, by taking small steps every day.