Teach your children to care for the earth

Make your children aware of the importance of caring for our Mother Earth, thinking and acting ecologically from the very beginning.

  •  Explain to them why they should only accept plastic toys in a shop if they really like them and why clothes should not be changed just because something different is “cool” every six months.
  •  Show them how much drinking water is needed until a pair of jeans is lying on the counter in a shop (8000 litres).
  •  Teach your child to recognise the quality of products so that they can be used longer.
  •  Show your child on the world map where the item is produced and how long it takes to travel to us.
  •  Explain to your child which products are recycled and how you have organised this in your household.

Recycling game for younger kids

Collect all non-hazardous and non-perishable recyclable materials in a box during the week. On Saturday morning the sorting game is about to start.

Have your child sort all materials into the recycling bins provided. You can attach a picture of the products that are collected in the bins to help your child recognise them.

Praise your child for the right materials.

Afterwards, take some time to play your child’s favourite game for at least half an hour. In this way, separating rubbish becomes a joyful event.