Store Christmas decorations properly

The advent light is burning – do you feel the festive desire to decorate the rooms in your house- especially the Christmas tree?

Christmas is finally here, but every year the same thing happens. Where has everything Christmas-related been stored? In which box is what? Where was everything put at the end of the previous year’s celebrations? What about the red Christmas tree balls, and where are the lights with the timer?

Finally, things start to be found. But the light chain is completely tangled, the beautiful angel is missing a wing, and the sparkle of the Christmas baubles have rubbed off.

We love the days and nights around Christmas; the array of decorations, the many beautiful lights and comforting smells. But we have to face that, at some point, the Christmas decorations just have to go, and because we’ve put it off for so long, this has to happen pretty quickly.

Often, things are tidied up in such a rush that everything is tucked away. But, nobody really takes a moment to think about whereabouts they have stored the items. This is a cycle familiar to all; the next Christmas will come around (far more quickly than you think) and you will be annoyed, as you are every year, that you could’ve taken just 5 more minutes to pack your things away more efficiently.

On top of that, fragile Christmas decorations are likely to be damaged because of the rushed, and subsequently inadequate storage.

…You spend hours searching for the animals missing from the nativity scene. Time is wasted looking through every box, searching through until you find exactly what you are looking for. Already, chaos has ensued, and rather than perfectly decorated rooms, there is just a mess, which can dampen the festive mood. With a few extra minutes invested in your future organisation, using just simple tricks, this chaos can be avoided. In fact, you’re likely to save time because you won’t have to rigorously search for anything next season.

1. Use transparent boxes, so that you can see directly as to what is hidden inside.

Whether it is white or coloured, the main thing is that the box is transparent, and you can see, just at a glance, what is inside.

Just as important as transparency, is stability. We all know what Christmas decorations cost, and they are not exactly cheap. Therefore, we would like to protect them well. You must ensure that you do not stack boxes that have wheels on top of each other. Because even boxes with the sturdiest lid could break when the weight is distributed only on the four wheels and not on the whole surface.

An additional advantage of boxes is that the items inside are stored air-tight, so are dust-free and dry..

2. Same things together

Sort and put away according to the theme. For example, red ornaments together, gold ornaments together, fairy lights together, or Advent decorations separately in one box. 

In the run-up to Christmas, people like to decorate relatively soon. Therefore, it would only confuse and delay things if the Advent garland ended up in the box of tree decorations. So, make a box solely dedicated to pre-Christmas / Advent decorations. Separate these things from other Christmas categories, like the tree decorations.

If you have Santa Claus decorations, introduce an additional box. Look at exactly what you have and acquire a box that fits the size accordingly. It’s better to have three smaller boxes instead of one big one, so you don’t end up mixing materials or themes.

If you have several colour combinations to make your tree shine in perfect glory, put together sets like this, storing together what belongs together when it comes to Christmas. It’s best to take a picture of the decorated tree and stick it to the box. This way, you know which version of the decoration is stowed inside.

3.Label the boxes

The more items that you have, the more sense it makes to label the boxes with the contents stored inside. A labelling device can be useful, but if you don’t have one, you can simply label a sheet of paper and stick it to the front inside the transparent box. For example, “outdoor string lights” or “indoor string lights”.

With these simple tips, decorating will be fun and stress-free next year.