Question: Be honest, do you recycle? And if so, what?

Absolutely! Waste separation has many advantages and the most important is that we keep a clean planet – for us and our future generations. That’s why we separate paper, glass and returnable bottles, packaging, household waste and batteries. We also regularly go to the recycling centre and dispose of old electrical appliances or bulky waste.

Question: Do you pay more attention to what the products are made of when shopping?

There are basic things that we buy exclusively from recycled materials. For example, we don’t buy plastic straws or party utensils, only recycled cardboard. This also helps to prevent harmful waste from ending up in the sea.

Question: You have two sons – do they always stick to recycling?

My husband and I try to set a good example and teach them the right waste management. Besides, it’s nice that they are already taught it here at school.

Question: You are Venezuelan, is recycling handled differently in your country?

Yes, waste disposal is different. We learn the principles of recycling at school, but my country does not have the necessary infrastructure to dispose of waste. The Latin American countries place less emphasis on the conservation of resources. In Germany, on the other hand, we have a greater awareness of recycling and, for example, when washing cars, we make sure that toxic components do not get into the groundwater.

Question: Why do you recycle? What are your motives?

The main reason for recycling is to preserve the environment and to leave a clean planet for future generations, where they can live freely and without pollution problems.

The more waste we reuse, the less resources we need. This saves energy, water and raw materials. And it saves CO2 emissions and protects the climate. In this way we relieve the burden on groundwater because harmful substances no longer endanger it and we save large quantities of oil and gas.

Did you know that paper can be turned into recycled paper up to seven times and glass, in theory, can be reused endlessly to make new bottles and jars?

Question: What is your favourite recycling product?

My favourite products are old newspapers and cardboard boxes. Because I can make piñatas from these myself. And instead of using commercial glue, I make it myself – with flour, water and salt.

Question: You seem to be a real recycling professional, do you have a recycling tip for us?

Sure, some cleaning products can be reused. After use, you can peel off the label and simply refill them again. I also have a little recipe for all-purpose cleaners. Should I give it away?


Simply mix 500ml of warm water with 50g of citric acid powder and a shot of dishwashing detergent. To this I add a few drops of different oils, which not only smell good but also have certain advantages: Lavender works antibacterial, lemon oil disinfects and eucalyptus has an antiseptic effect.