So many craft supplies, painting materials and toys – the possibilities seem endless. From ironing beads to beads for necklaces, there’s hardly any other room like a child’s room that has so many small items tumbling around. 

Rolling carts are a great option for storage space and things are always easily accessible, especially when you’re creatively working on something and don’t want to spend a lot of time searching. Thanks to some clever boxes and baskets, structure and order can be brought into the clutter.

Crayons and markers are sorted in rainbow colors and find space in individual A6 COUNTRY baskets. So they are nicely stowed away and can easily be taken to another room.

To find the right beads for crafting more quickly, they can be sorted separately by color in the A6 PURE boxes with dividers. Sorting does not have to be done by yourself, even young children can do it very well.

Separating different colors can be fun and when kids see the first results, they think it’s great. 

Paper and pads can be stored in flat PURE boxes, which are easily stackable.  

An important rule when stowing things is: give them a solid frame. Instead of putting everything loosely in the rolling cart, it’s better to create individual departments with the COUNTRY baskets and store the individual categories in them.